311 Monroe


Looking To The Office Of The Future

Office design and development has taken on a vision of its own. As many tenants are opting for creative, open, and community driven workspaces, modern office developments are following suit. Looking towards the office of the future, BOGZA specializes in capturing the intent of your project by offering a full suite of visual services to help obtain approval from design commissions, fully articulate a space before it is built, and attract the likes of potential tenants.


Through carefully crafted 3D imagery, we bring the essence of your project to life. Providing a portfolio of engrossing imagery that elevates a plan into a rich, visual story, helps visualize a creative and innovative space before it is built.


Through an integration of digital animation, drone cinematography, bold graphics, and captivating storytelling, we create a visual narrative that captures an audience’s attention.


Utilizing the latest in drone technology, we fuse together the rich elements of film and cinematography to provide an unparalleled perspective of your project.

VR / 360

Creating a seamless experience is critical in laying the foundation for implementing VR into your marketing plan.  Through VR technology, you are able to feel the scale of a space, see details up close, and have the option to customize features with the click of a button; Providing your project with a cost effective, immersive, and engaging marketing tool.