Jack London Exterior


Merging Design With Reality

Effectively blending mixed use spaces and multi family homes is no simple feat.  There are many facets to consider when engaging potential tenants. Offering a cohesive set of branded visuals and experiences allow tenants to fully engage the space before it is built. And that’s where we come in. With an innovative approach, BOGZA provides a suite of curated services to showcase the many facets of your multifamily project. We offer the visual insight necessary to envision and market properties long before they are built.


For architects and developers, a portfolio of engrossing imagery elevates a plan into a rich, visual story that draws emotions and generates excitement.


By blending digital animation, real-world fly-throughs, engaging dialogue, intriguing graphics, and meaningful storytelling, we create a visual narrative that captures an audience’s attention, and creates an emotional bond that endures in the imagination.

VR / 360

Creating a seamless experience is critical in laying the foundation for implementing VR into your marketing plan.  Through VR technology, you are able to feel the scale of a space, see details up close, and have the option to customize features with the click of a button; Providing your project with a cost effective, immersive, and engaging sales tool.


By integrating our visualization techniques with online and mobile devices, we’re able to afford clients and their audiences a targeted, hands-on approach that provides an entertaining way to explore, customize, and imagine a space while simultaneously offering a venue for feedback and dialogue to occur.


We tailor branded materials to capture the innate essence of each project. Our attention to detail, strategic mindset, and creative insight allow us to capture a property’s unique visual persona.